EBay Volunteers

Dolls and teddy

A sad time has arrived for the old Burlington museum.  Its final moments are fading into history; the preparation to auction off  ‘Surplus to Requirement’ items has commenced, thus laying the ground for the contractors to shortly start stripping the building to a shell.

Katherine and a few valiant volunteers including myself started the process, photographing and describing the items to enter on EBay. The mood was jovial and light; unusual objects, such as the naked mannequins being manoeuvred into the floodlight area, brought an enjoyable banter. But more importantly, they bring a good price at the auction. Items such as suitcases, chairs, stationery, projectors, children’s toys etc were inspected, adjusted and repositioned under the photoflood to pick out their best selling features. The work continues and will need more volunteers so please contact Katherine on her email address:  katherine.bell@wsm-tc.gov.uk


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