Tilsley House

Tilsley House photo

It was a great privilege to accompany museum supervisor Katherine Bell and assistant Tina Bishop to Tilsley House to provide an hour of entertainment for the residents using reminiscence boxes: These cover a range of different topics including events, leisure and transport, childhood and the seaside.  Katherine said “Taking part in reminiscence sessions can be a highly rewarding and enriching experience, not only for the attendees, but also for the people leading and supporting a session”. She also added the museum is looking for volunteers to help with this project and other outreach work. The manager Ian Gwynne Jago said what he was looking to do was to enhance the experiences of the staff teams and their methodology on how we interact with the people we have here

The museum is providing an outreach reminiscence service now the museum has closed, where people can share their memories of days gone by and Tilsley House in Clarence Road South was the first to take part in the new service. My thanks go to Jane and her staff at Tilsley House for their hospitality; to the residents who enriched my experience of living with dementia and to the Mercury newspaper for their picture.


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