Panarama museum atrium

Saturday April 18th 2015, a significant and poignant date in the history of Burlington museum. It’s the last day of opening to the public.

But on this day the museum couldn’t be at its busiest! A real hubbub of voices and movement; visitors taking advantage of free entry, tramping the galleries. An epic speech made: “You are our future” by Councillor John Crockford-Hawley; funds flowing through the tills from bargain basement items. I settled on a book marker inscribed with the museum’s tag. It will bring back memories of 10 years of volunteering such as the educational courses: ’Churches in Somerset’ ‘The History of Archaeology’; Pottery Identification; practical demos of handling and packing, the archive work and much more…but most of all I will miss the camaraderie of my fellow workers, too many to name. It was with mixed emotions that I said goodbye to my colleagues at a farewell dinner at Hadley’s restaurant. How many of those familiar faces will I see again in 2 years time?

Last day at museum, Tina closes door

N.B. And finally at 5pm, Tina closes the sliding doors with a heavy heart, a time portal through which generations of museum lovers have entered. But we look forward to the re-opening of the new museum in two years with new deco, galleries, international exhibitions and much more to tempt the new museum sophisticates.


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