The Broken Time Machine

Broken time machine

Dr Fox and JamesIn celebration of Easter at the museum, characters from Weston’s past are brought to life: from Iron-Age ancestors right up to the ever-popular Clara Cottage Victorians.

What has happened is the Time Machine is broken, but by finding the cogs of the machine within the galleries over two weeks, visitors can repair the broken timepiece.

Museum supervisor, Katherine Cutlan, invited me to portray an important notable: Dr Fox of Knightstone. With the help of my assistant, Dr James, empty glass phials were dispensed to eager boys and girls who made up potions using multi-coloured bath salts; the children being supervised by their parents. While the potions were being made the story of Dr Fox was told.

“The idea of spa bathing was very popular in the 19th century and was considered a cure for many maladies and ills.

In September 1830, Knightstone was purchased by Dr Edward Long Fox (1761-1835), a prominent Quaker physician in Bristol and he spent up to £20,000 to improve the existing lodgings for the invalids as well as the refreshment and reading rooms. His treatment was seen as a cure for physical and mental disorders. Today, you too can enjoy the sea air at the Dr Fox tea rooms on Knightstone Island.”


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