Into The Singularity

On Friday 23rd, staff and volunteers met to discuss the future plans for the museum. This will be a difficult task as it is not known whether the HLF bid will be successful or not. A poignant comment by one participant was that we must remain positive; although there are two roads to go down-the bid is a winning one or not-the path that leads to the greater good, i.e. the closure and refurbishment of the museum should be our priority.

Katherine produced her mind-map sheet and suggestions were invited from the floor.

Many original and inventive ideas were put forward such as using time lapse photography to record the museum’s re-development; cafe enhancements; have the paranormal group to return; re-introduce gallery guides; invite local artists to stage ‘Banksy’ type exhibitions and much more. I was impressed with the quality of the suggestions and will eagerly look forward to the results of our endeavours. Thank you to the caterers for the sandwiches and drinks.


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