It’s a Wrap!

My fellow compatriots and I stared down on the opened boxes neatly laid out on the table and looked up to Amal for direction. It seemed so easy. Her hands whirred and twizzled and the acid-free sheet of paper she held was scrunched into a puff, or a cracker, or a sausage lean and fat. Now it was our turn to mould our sheets to the contours of the box and artefact. And so started our initiation into the art of packing.

It is Volunteers Day at the museum and earlier we were mustered in the palm courtyard to be given our inventory for the day: packing and handling instruction and then if time permitted, donation and outreach activities. It was a challenging program to complete in a few hours but by consensus a successful one and the museum professionals are to be congratulated on their work, particularly with the induction of new volunteers.

Stores wrapping


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