Carnival Kuts

This year’s Weston-super-Mare Carnival was one of the biggest I’ve seen for years. Over two hours of illuminatory magic passed by an appreciative audience of neon-waving lads and lassies. The cart displays were of such a high standard that it would be difficult to find a winner. The Burlington museum is running a First World War exhibition entitled ‘Five lives, five stories’, ending on 14th December and it was fitting that a First World War flout, appropriately named ‘Flanders Field’ was in the parade. One of its amazing details was a full size replica of a British heavy tank-a shiver went down my spine when it passed, surely this will take a premier award in this year’s ‘Best in Carnival’.

The weather was atrocious with wind rain and hail but no deterrent to determined carnival goers who stood their ground, cheering on their favourites and having a late supper of burger and chips.

Carnaval night collage 2014


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