The museum lives and breathes again! Shrieks and squeals of delight, laughter and boisterous bellows echo around the courtyard; Vagabond children, throwing, catching, spinning and running around in circles; so engrossed in their excitement they had to be shushed so as not to disturb the procession of parents and their offspring following the trail of pencils and brushes to their destination. Edwardian gentlemen and ladies promenade and discuss the issues of the day and in a dark corner lurks the Stone Heads (Peter and Adam), a quarrelsome duo calling each other the most abominable names to the delight of the young audience. In the midst of this frivolity are the Mayor Roz Willis and her companion Jocelyn Holder joining in with the children in a game of hop scotch!  The Mayor of children she should be called. This Christmas she has decided to dispense with a star personality to switch on the town’s Christmas illuminations, instead, two little girls will push the ignition button together and light up Weston-super-Mare!

Now the evening’s performance has come to an end and before the doors finally shut, the cast and crew of The Night in the Museum Experience gather for a final curtain call and assemble on the grand staircase. Tina closes the shutter of her camera a few times and we head for wardrobe and home.

Night in the musem crew and cast 2014


2 thoughts on “A NIGHT TO REMEMBER

  1. Thank you Katherine. It’s very kind of you to review my post and give me some positive feedback. I started this blog, as you know, from the Digital Engagement course in Taunton, and where it would go, goodness knows! But comments like yours give me a spur to carry on and comment on local affairs with a personal touch. Adieu.


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