A Walk Through Historical Axbridge

Axbride town square

Our tour leader for the day was John who is the supervisor of the 15th Century King John’s Hunting Lodge museum (the museum is the three story building on the left. Click on image to enlarge). We started with the hidden springs by the church and progressed up the High Street, passing the Lamb Inn which was originally a coaching inn-the Lamb symbol  represents the wealth of the wool trade in medieval times. The High Street had an amazing number of  wooden framed jetted buildings and impressive paneled doors. One of the buildings was opened up to us by its owner to examine the crock roof construction. John explained two oak trees were split in two and shaped to support the thatched roof. Our final destination was a barn like structure on the outskirts of Axbridge which held a puzzle for john; why was it there?  It was again a crock design but of high status however the cellar had rough adze beams cut ‘farm-like’  said John. We had a sharp shower on the walk but a sunny ending. Our thanks go to John for bringing the past to life.


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